About Us

Recovery House is a self-supporting Men’s only Halfway House in which the residents are solely responsible for their own “Recovery.”   We offer a safe, supervised, and disciplined environment conducive to recovery from substance and alcohol abuse. We are not a detox or treatment center and we do not offer counseling services or mental health treatment.

Recovery House is governed by a Board of Directors, with a management staff who lives in the home. It is designed to be conducive to the maintenance and growth of those men who are committed to live a sober life. The alcohol/drug free environment we provide is designed for the reasonable comfort and emotional support of our residents and is a place where the residents can learn, or re-learn, the scope of their responsibilities for their sober, successful integration into society. While the uniqueness and dignity of each individual is acknowledged and respected, in all instances, the safety and welfare of the group is essential to our primary purpose. 

Recovery House is a Non-Profit Corporation which is not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous, though we strongly endorse the principles of that organization including the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions including maintaining the principal of anonymity for all involved.

The Recovery House provides all the amenities that the residents require. The home is equipped with kitchen facilities, refrigerators for storage of your food, as well as washers and dryers. There is a TV room and Wi-Fi is available for the residents.

If you are ready to pursue a sober lifestyle and make a genuine commitment to the same, Recovery House can be that important next step.